A unique production model

the Berillon Model is based on a (re)definition of Massal Selection, uncompromising plant production and constant attention to detail

For a plant reserved for quality viticulture

In the early 2000s, the nursery wrote its Berillon Massal Selection model. Teams of breeders scour vineyards, some of them prestigious, in search of old vines, some of them over a hundred years old.

Each selected foot thus corresponds to a historical individual that needs to be identified and described. The aim is to select the widest and richest possible genetic diversity.

At the end of a long selection protocol, the plant that has evolved in a difficult environment is saved, tested for health and then reproduced in the workshops of the South of France by the little hands of the Berillon nursery.

These individuals, all different, are THE answer to cloning or fixed mass selection.
and limited to just a few individuals.
No resistance without diversity, no great wines of extreme complexity without individuals
carefully safeguarded. The Berillon nursery’s plants must stand the test of time…

With an unwavering attention to detail, Lilian Berillon has set himself a unique, no-holds-barred set of specifications.
a compromise based on self-sufficiency in raw materials and land. The 170ha of land are spread over two production sites: Jonquières in the Vaucluse and Villeneuve-Lès-Avignon in the Gard.

The nursery’s winegrowers maintain the vineyards with grafts (grape varieties) and rootstocks.
on 50ha. The rest of the land is used to plant 15ha of seedlings and rooted plants each year.
from May to December. Each stage of production has been revisited, and the scientific approach has been brought in for greater precision. From English-style slit grafting as the only grafting method, to hot water treatment for all production, Pépinière Berillon has not hesitated to reinvent a unique model with an attention to detail that positions it as an exclusive nursery.

The drastic sorting of young plants before delivery is impressive and confirms the commitment and convictions of an entire team committed to a single objective: Quality.