A method
for sustainable vineyards

Our ambition is to make the quality of our production available to as many estates as possible wishing to invest in high-quality plants.

Uncompromising plant growth combined with precision viticulture

Our commitment: to design quality plants for demanding viticulture.
Your commitment: to take over using specific technical itineraries, the only way to build sustainable vineyards. In an extremely difficult environment, no one has the right to make a mistake.

The plant must be exemplary, vigorous, rich in diversity and in impeccable health.
It must meet a set of specifications focused solely on quality. Winemakers and consultants must integrate the technical itineraries best suited to the specific conditions of the site. The main rule: do everything possible to ensure that the root system of young vines establishes itself deep down. No recipes, no dictates, no dogmatism, just common sense and the great rules of agriculture.

Like a house that you want to hand down, you have to build the foundations of the vineyard and the garden. allow its root system to penetrate deep into the soil, the aim being to get the plant up and running very quickly. this sheltered young vine

Our role: to listen and respond with precision to the quality requirements of winegrowers External factors: lack of diversity, climate disruption, exhausted soils Parameters to take into account: soil type, soil preparation, grape variety/rootstock pairing, density, pruning and cultivation methods, orientations, regenerative agriculture, planting method, planting period, root length…